Cynthia C. Bronte, owner, founder and saucier, of Basiltops, started out with a greenhouse business in 1979, which eventually led her to developing a new, proprietary method of growing basil hydroponically in 1995. At the farmers markets, influenced largely by her customers, she began making pestos and infused olive oils and so the seed to sauce story began with her very first pesto called, Pesto Perfectto!

All other pestos since then have been driven by customer tastes. We also have pestos that are vegan, nut-free and spicy. All of our pestos are naturally gluten-free and free of preservatives, chemicals, filler and additives. Our pesto stays fresh and a little goes a long way. The goal at Basiltops is to consistently bring fresh, natural, quality ingredients to delight your taste buds. We pride ourselves on using fresh basil that is both locally sourced and organic. We also use imported olive oil, lactose-free pecorino romano cheese and sea salt from Sicily. Buon Appetito and Tanta Salute from our table to yours!